9 Episodes | Premieres on MNET

Two mutual friends, Salah and Temple, are on a quest to find themselves in love and life. Salah runs the bar from the capital he got from his Mum, who insists that he must get married before 30 (and genuinely wants to) or forfeit any support from her. Salah wants to be independent, so he puts everything in to get his Mum off his back and only thinks of his Mum’s money as a back-up.
As he calls himself, Temple is a serial entrepreneur who juggles between jobs, contracts and finding a girl of his dreams. He has to be a millionaire at all costs but doesn’t seem to have a particular focus on how to, so he tries everything that comes his way.

Gabbi (female) helps to manage the bar but is profoundly and silently in-love with Salah.
The series is a rollercoaster of events, love triangles, mishaps, conflicts, big romantic moments, humor and intrigue as both men are on a journey of self-discovery and a quest for true love.