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Trained in commercials’ art and the attention to detail in telling stories in seconds, Dean can see the end picture and the polished product you want on your bank of work.

Dean has an inbuilt creative solution skill, which allows him to be flexible and organic on the set—seeing the end goal. Fourie has extensive experience (hundreds of commercials) and excellent people skills. He has successfully eased into cultural and language barriers in different markets with repeat projects. Extensive travel has given him a well-rounded view of stories and audiences. He is honing an international standard of production and performance.


Taiwo Badejo is a commercial director and motion designer. He has worked in 5 countries (Singapore, the United States, Canada and Nigeria) in the last ten years. In that time, Taiwo has directed over 40 commercials and has worked with numerous brands, including Hp, Guinness, Gillette, MTN, Shell, Unilever, Novartis etc.  

Working as a commercial director has given Taiwo a unique insight into storytelling. He especially loves commercials because of the creative possibilities, the unique storytelling and the execution challenge.  

Commercials teach you how to tell stories effectively, fast and interestingly.



Muhammad Atta Ahmed is the Founder and Creative Director of Lagos based production company Since 1982. Muhammad is fuelled with a passion for filmmaking, always driven to create the best and most unique finished product. Since his debut into the Nigerian creative industry, this director, cinematographer and motion graphics artist has been part of numerous impactful and exciting projects.

As a motion graphic designer and filmmaker, he became a Director of Photography, motion graphics designer and editor at a television house. Eventually, he went on to film successful shows such as Gidi Up, Skinny Girl In Transit, Frank Donga, The New Africa and the series Inspector K. He has also filmed feature-length films.


With 30 years working as a Director of Photography, he began his outstanding career as a Director of Photography in the world of music videos in the early ’90s when Rap music was at its peak. He filmed such artists as Tupac, Queen Latifah, NWA, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre and many others. Demps transitioned into storytelling, where he shot an array of studio and independent feature films, TV movies, and documentaries. He has won 2 awards in the USA for Best Cinematography at the Long Beach International Film Festival and the Newport Beach Film Festival. His work has taken him to ten countries in Africa, along with Japan and Iceland. Demps currently resides and works in Dakar, Senegal and also works frequently in Lagos, Nigeria.


 The art of filmmaking and cinematography is a passion for Oladimeji, which he often describes as the air he breathes. As a Cinematographer for the past years now, Olusegun has experience in different productions ranging from documentaries, TV commercials, movies/TV series, reality TV shows, cooperate videos etc.

His versed knowledge in camera technicalities both in setup and alignment of different formats ranges from Arri camera series, Red camera series, Sony range of cameras, Black magic set of cameras etc.